Danny Pacheco, Owner

Helping people exceed their fitness goals is my passion. I’m fortunate that I found a way to do that while sharing something I love: Boxing. I watched the Roberto Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard fight with my father back in 1989; that fight sparked something within, and now, some say I’m obsessed with the sport. The first time I stepped into a boxing gym, I was 16. An injury derailed my progress, and I didn’t return until I was 28. I continue to train, and I’m always looking to learn the art. I put all of the “what ifs” in the past and I now have six years of experience and have accomplished my dream of competing on an amateur level.


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Junior Garcia

I have been involved in the fitness and boxing industry for more than eight years now. My passion for helping customers and clients achieve what their minds could only dream of is what makes me feel valuable in my profession. From working with professional and amateur fighters to stay-at-home mothers and blue-collar workers — and everyone in between — I have a broad range of experience. At Punch, we focus 100% on anyone who’s willing to put in their time and effort. It just starts with a decision to want to change your life.


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Marques Valle

I have been boxing for about four years and am a seven-time state champion, with a record of 16 wins and 1 loss. Over the past few years, I have been to various gyms and have had the opportunity to work with a number of world-class trainers. Each of them has given me different tools to succeed. My current trainer, who has 25 years of experience, taught me the importance of giving back by showing younger fighters everything I’ve learned over the years.  Working with those kids has motivated me to continue helping people reach their fitness goals.


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Lacie Seamount

I am a certified Cross-Box and Personal Trainer. I discovered my passion for boxing when I had had enough of the boring cardio, heavy lifting, running, hurting myself and in turn getting next to nothing for results.   I am a Navy Wife, a mom of two amazing little boys and now I can call myself a boxer.   Not only do I teach, I train to box, I love and respect the science and athleticism boxing entails and in the future hope to have a fight or two under my Fabletics!  I love helping people find a passion for this kind of workout, one that works, one that isn’t boring, one that they keep coming back to because it’s never the same and leave each one feeling incredible, completely exhausted but incredible because the change and results are not difficult to come by once you start, it becomes an addiction, a love, a passion.  Boxing not only changed my life, but it has and continues to challenge and change my body and more importantly, my mind.  I love teaching classes that allow people to get out the everyday monotony, the stress that consumes us all and leave everything on a bag. I look forward to working with you guys and crush some goals one punch at a time.

Ayla Horan

I began [kick]boxing in 2016 during my first year teaching high school Spanish as a method for stress-relief. I loved the supportive environment of group classes and I instantly found myself a second home and second family at the gym. Before I knew it, my body was changing for the better and I was healthier than ever. I am excited to be working at Punch, where I can combine my love for teaching with boxing and motivate individuals to be the best they can be. I plan to receive my personal training certification this year so I can work with individuals and their fitness goals more closely!

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