Danny Pacheco, Owner

Helping people exceed their fitness goals is my passion. I’m fortunate that I found a way to do that while sharing something I love: Boxing. I watched the Roberto Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard fight with my father back in 1989; that fight sparked something within, and now, some say I’m obsessed with the sport. The first time I stepped into a boxing gym, I was 16. An injury derailed my progress, and I didn’t return until I was 28. I continue to train, and I’m always looking to learn the art. I put all of the “what ifs” in the past and I now have six years of experience and have accomplished my dream of competing on an amateur level.


Soccer, football, movies, sushi

Gary Naegel

Coach Gary, a Tampa native has 20 plus years of boxing experience both as a former amateur state champion and boxing coach.  He was introduced to the sport of boxing early on in his youth and is fond of the discipline practicing the sport gave him.

In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his wife and kids at the zoo. zoo.


USA Boxing Certified Coach

Conditioning coach for NABO Champion Sammy Valentin #6 ranked in the world.


NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist 

Penalty Box Certified

Hugh Pulley

When I was a child, I knew from the beginning that all I wanted in life was to be a champion. From the love of the fans to being the best there ever was, the life of a champion was all I wanted. To attain this goal, I dove into every martial art I could and began my quest in search of my Championship. 

I have worked extremely hard and have made it to the top 10 professional MMA rankings in my state.  As I stuck to my original path a new path came into formation and that was teaching. Even though I tried avoiding it at times, teaching has made me appreciate the sport that I love even more. Most of all it allows me to teach my philosophy and way of thinking to help someone’s fight game, and overall well-being; By using good technique, attaining their fitness goals and or just using boxing as a good outlet for students to vent. In the Bible it says ” to whom much is been given, much will be required”, what this means to me is the gifts that I have are not my gifts but God’s, and it is my duty to share them, and help whoever is willing while I am here on this earth. 

“Give me a lever, and I will turn the world”-Archimedes

Marissa Pulley

Fitness has always been a part of my life, I played soccer all year round in junior high, high school, and college. I started training in Muay Thai when I was a sophomore in high school, had a bit of an anger problem back then and it was the cheapest therapy, laugh out loud.  

My trainer at the time ended up getting pregnant at the end of my sophomore year, so I took over her cardio kickboxing classes while she was out on maternity leave. I taught cardio kickboxing throughout  High School and college. I started training MMA and had my first match on my 22nd birthday. That night I  ended up winning my match and a karaoke contest afterwards, (whose multi-talented… this girl).  

Let’s fast forward to now… I’m 10-0 as an amateur, (8-0 MMA, 2-0 Kickboxing). I should have gone pro long before now, but I have had quite a few injury setbacks. I did not know how to rest and recover… I  have been personal training for almost 10 years, and I am an ISSA and NESTA certified personal trainer.  

I have competed in a number of CrossFit, strongman and powerlifting events and competitions. I  definitely have a competitive nature, and always having a goal or end game keeps my FIRE burning.  

Fitness has always been my way of expressing myself, and pushing myself to new levels. I let my hard work do the talking… the way I look at it is, you will either nut up or shut up so you better give it all you got!!! 

I am a wife, and a Mommy to two beautiful boys. I am continuously evolving and developing my craft, and just want to help others CRUSH their goals. 

“You cannot dream yourself into a character, you must hammer and forge yourself one”- James Anthony  Froude

Luisa Merkel

Hi! My name is Luisa Markel, and I’m the Executive VP of Lights Out Boxing and Fitness. I’ve been a member here for two years and, in that time, I ended falling headfirst in love with the gym AND with Danny, the owner. I’m blessed that we’re able to share our love of fitness and family together. My biggest passion is family. I have two amazing sons already but hope that I can build an even bigger family- a fitness family- here at Lights Out. My main goal is for our members to feel at home by offering not only a place to meet their fitness goals but also a place to create new relationships and support each other.

Kaitlen Mullis

Victoria Irvine